If you are facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy (or someone you know is) – you are not alone. We know this can feel like a scary time. You’re probably receiving input and opinions from lots of different people about what you should do – maybe even from your parents or your partner or other well meaning friends.  They might be suggesting or even pressuring you to consider abortion. Maybe they’re telling you to take the abortion pill or schedule a surgical abortion.   Please pause and take a breath and make time to really think things over. 

We want you to make a fully informed choice.  And you deserve to know the full consequences of those choices. People who suggest abortion as the best option often use words like ‘clump of cells’ or even ‘parasite’ to describe a developing fetus. They might try to present abortion as a quick fix for an inconvenient pregnancy that will somehow just make everything go back to the way it was before.  Enough women have shared their post-abortion testimonies to make it clear that this is simply not the case. Women who have chosen abortion have looked back years, even decades later and realized that they had been lied to. They realized that they had ended the life of another human being – their own growing child – a reality they were then forced to live with for the rest of their lives.

Nobody is saying that parenting is easy, or that navigating an unplanned pregnancy doesn’t come with challenges.  There may be difficult or even tragic circumstances involved.  But ending the life of another human being – at any age or stage of development – is never the answer or the solution.  And it won’t magically make all other tragic or difficult situations suddenly vanish. We know that women regret their abortions. We know that women and men suffer mentally and emotionally after an abortion for years and years afterwards.   Often women ‘choose’ abortion out of fear, or lack of support or resources. They chooose abortion because they feel like they have no other options. That doesn’t sound like choice at all.  It sounds like desperation.  We encourage you to consider the life affirming options available to you before considering or choosing to end the life of your child.

 The good news is that there are individuals, organizations and groups ready to help you.  You can choose life for your child and still achieve all your goals and dreams, with your child in your arms and no regrets. Adoption is another exciting and beautiful choice for your child.  Adoption is an act of incredible courage and self-lessness where a mother chooses not to kill her child but to instead do all she can to bless them with the best life and best family possible.  Parenting and adoption are both options available to you – please consider these before considering killing your child.  And if you are considering abortion we encourage you to at least understand what the process of ending your child’s life involves, whether the death is caused by the abortion pill or a surgical abortion.  These procedures all come with a cost and with risk.  Do your research – know how your preborn child is developing and what happens to them during an abortion.  Get an ultrasound.  Listen to their heartbeat.  Acknowledge that they are a living growing human being.  A human being that does not deserve a death sentence.

No matter what those around you might be saying – you do not have to end the life of your unborn child.  You are pregnant right now which means you really are already a parent. Your child needs you to protect them and help them to grow and develop and achieve their full potential!  It may seem scary now but there will be a day in the not too distant future when you will be holding your precious bundle and won’t be able to imagine life any other way.

So, here are some things you can do right now.  You can start by calling the national 24hr pregnancy support help line at 1-800-665-0570. It is operated by professional trained volunteers who are available day and night to talk to you.  Most of them have experienced unplanned pregnancies themselves so they know what you are going through. They are there to listen to your needs and connect you to the closest pregnancy care centre or other resources.  You can also email them at info@pregnancy.ca or text them at 204-665-0570 (just be patient – they are a volunteer run centre so sometimes it may take a little time to text you back!) All of their services are confidential and free.

If you are in the Thunder Bay area and in need of resources during or after your pregnancy for things like pre-natal vitamins, diapers, wipes, formula, baby clothes –  please also contact us at Thunderbay.life and we can connect you with local resources. There are churches in our community who are eager to help!  Email: info@thunderbay.life

To locate pregnancy care centres and other resources near you visit the Choice42 website which maintains a current listing of centres where you can get support.  Here’s the link: www.choice42.com/resources   They are another wonderful organization with many caring and compassionate volunteers that would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and walk alongside you on this journey!

An unplanned pregnancy can feel like a scary thing.  We know that. But it won’t be scary forever and we can help it be less scary now.  There is caring and compassionate support available ready to help you. The miracle of a distinct new human life has already begun.  We are here to celebrate that miracle with you and help you choose life for your child!  You can do this!  You are stronger than you think!  Be strong and protect your child!  Their very life depends on you.