Down syndrome is a naturally occurring chromosomal arrangement that occurs in approximately one in every 800 births, and which may result in mild to moderate intellectual challenges.  Sadly many women choose abortion when they receive even a potential prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome for their child.  The percentage of women choosing abortion when their child has Down syndrome is approximately 70% in the U.S., and is thought to be higher in Canada.  In some European countries it is as high as 90% or higher.  Many women make the decision to end the life of their pre-born child with Down syndrome having never met or spoken to a family raising a child with Down syndrome.  Doctors themselves are often lacking in awareness and understanding about Down syndrome and are often poorly trained when it comes to the appropriate way to inform parents of the diagnosis, some even using words like ‘sorry’.  The lack of knowledge and understanding of the doctors, and others around the family who may also still be influenced by outdated information, myths and stereotypes about Down syndrome, can have an unfortunate impact on the parent’s decision. At Thunder Bay Right to Life we believe that every life is a miracle worth celebrating and every life, from the moment of conception, is worthy of protection, regardless of this or any diagnosis.  We believe that terminating the life of a pre-born child because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome is an example of eugenics, and has no place in our society.  We know that individuals with Down syndrome can and do bring joy to their families.  They continue to learn throughout their lives, attending school, working, contributing to their communities, and enjoying meaningful relationships including marriage.  They live fulfilling happy lives. If you or someone you know is expecting a baby with Down syndrome we encourage you to learn more. The following organizations can provide information and resources for parents and family members. We can also help connect you with families in the Thunder Bay area raising a child with Down syndrome.  Down syndrome belongs and individuals with Down syndrome deserve life!  Email us for more info (


Canadian Down Syndrome Society

Down Syndrome Resource Foundation

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