Women have a right to know all the facts regarding any choices they are considering when it comes to abortion.  Some women who have taken the abortion pill experience immediate regret and wish they could reverse the effects and save their baby.  These women deserve support in their choice to try and save their child.  To date thousands of babies have been saved using the abortion pill reversal process.  When a woman takes the first pill in the abortion pill process it prohibits her body from producing progesterone – something the fetus needs to develop.  If a protocol of progesterone is introduced quickly enough after taking the first pill, there is a chance your baby can be saved. You deserve all the help available to try and save your baby.

The team of counsellors and medical professionals at Abortion Pill Reversal are prepared to help, including connecting you with a health care practitioner in your area to ensure the reversal protocol is started and managed properly.

If you think you might be pregnant and are feeling pressure to have an abortion or to take the abortion pill, please call them for help to ensure that you are fully informed and are not being pressured to do something against your will. 

If you have taken the abortion pill and have changed your mind about harming and ending the life of your child – there is help for you and people waiting to talk to you now.  The abortion pill reversal process is a safe, tested, effective treatment to reverse the abortion pill process. You and your baby can have a second chance, but you must act now! Contact the 24/7 confidential helpline 1.888.612.3960 or visit the website where live chat is available. www.abortionpillreversal.caHelp is standing by!