“Bill C-7, which proposes changes to medical assistance in dying (MAID) and is currently being debated by Parliament, must be rejected. This bill is dangerous because while it proposes to expand the criteria for determining who is eligible for MAID, it also eliminates certain existing safeguards.” This puts us and our loved ones, especially the most vulnerable, at risk.  IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU SPEAK UP NOW!


Canadian physicians and many individuals and organizations who care for and advocate for seniors, the disabled, and those with mental health challenges are gravely concerned about Bill C-7 and the dangerous outcomes they foresee should it become law.


-Bill C-7 permits a same day euthanasia death by eliminating the reflection period.


-Bill C-7 permits a euthanasia death of an incompetent person by eliminating the requirement of competence at the time of death.


-Bill C-7 permits a euthanasia death for someone experiencing psychological suffering alone.


-Bill C-7 threatens the lives of people with physical or psychological disabilities.


Bill C-7 is expected to head to the Senate for consideration the week of December 7th.  There is still time to make a difference as the Senate studies this bill.  UPDATE:  While the decision on this Bill is still pending, likely until Feb. 2021, this call to action remains urgent and this additional time allows for more voices to be heard!  Please speak up NOW!

It is imperative that the Senators hear of the concerns Canadians have about Bill C-7 and the proposed changes to MAID.  Please phone a Senator who is on the Constitutional and Legal Affairs Committee.  Senators are not closely associated with particular ridings but are named from provinces, so start with the Senators from your province.

You can find their contact information here: https://sencanada.ca/en/committees/lcjc/


  1. Click on a Senator’s name to bring up their contact information.
  2. Choose a Senator from the list whose affiliation is ISG (Independent Senators Group) or CSG (Canadian Senators Group).
  3. Phone the Senator and thank him or her for their service to Canada.
  4. Then, take a moment to express your concerns about the Government’s expansion of euthanasia that would allow SAME DAY DEATH, removal of the need for consent at the time of euthanasia, and the removal of the need for two independent witnesses.


If you don’t get through right away, please try again and leave a message.  If necessary send an email.  It is critical that the Senator’s hear from you TODAY. Your voice can make a difference. It may even save lives.


Below are links to online petitions regarding Bill C-7.  We encourage you to add your names.





But first and foremost please contact your Senator.  Also contact your MP and let them know your concerns.  You can find their contact information here: https://www.ourcommons.ca/Members/en/search


The following article by Thunder Bay’s Dr. Kotalik appeared in the Ottawa Citizen and speaks clearly to the concerns about Bill C-7:



We encourage you also to follow and support the work of The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, and Canadian Physicians for Life who are working tirelessly on this issue on our behalf.