We have the following two excellent books in our collection. If you are interested in increasing your knowledge and ability to speak on matters related to euthanasia and assisted suicide we recommend these books, which are available in our resource library for lending to members,  or purchasing (by donation).   For more info please email us at

A GUIDE TO DISCUSSING ASSISTED SUICIDE, by Blaise Alleyene & Johathon Van Maren

“We’ve always known that suicide is wrong. Now, with the advent of legalized assisted suicide, framed with language of choice, and the “right to die”, support for assisted suicide is skyrocketing. This thought provoking new book confronts the issue head on, making the case that our duty to the suicidal is always to prevent the ultimate self harm of suicide. By asking challenging questions and appealing to cultural common ground on suicide prevention and human rights, we can change hearts and minds on assisted suicide. This book offers practical, street-tested ways to do just that.”


START WITH WHAT, by Stephanie Gray Connors

“Start with What draws on stories of people who have endured profound suffering and what we can learn from them. At a time when laws for assisted suicide are increasingly being passed, at a time when some people are tempted to give up on life, this book equips people to converse about this controversial topic in a way that demonstrates compassion, persuasion, and grace.”

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