Since the decriminalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide in Canada in 2016 and the introduction of Medical Assistance in Dying, over 20,000 Canadians have chosen to end their lives this way.  Interim reports cite an alarming number of patients including loneliness, lack of autonomy, and feelings of being a burden to others among their reasons for choosing to die.

The passing of Bill C-7 and the pending expansions are of dire concern and will put more and more vulnerable Canadians at risk for premature death. First Nations communities, disability rights advocates, physicians and countless concerned citizens will continue to be vocal in their attempts to see that the amendments are challenged. They share grave concerns about the inevitable dangerous outcomes and unnecessary loss of life that will come about as these changes become law.

We are at a crucial juncture in Canadian law, medicine and society. Efforts by individuals and organizations to oppose Bill C-7 and oppose MAiD must and will continue. The expansion of MAiD to include advance directives, remove the necessity for a foreseeable death, and to include mental illness as a qualifying condition leaves groups of vulnerable Canadians at great risk for premature death. We encourage you to act, and to ensure that those in your circle of family and friends, your church, or other groups/organizations you are connected with are informed and encouraged to act as well. We must do all we can to protect the vulnerable from potential coercion and from choosing euthanasia/assisted suicide out of desperation, loneliness or fear.

We all must speak up before it is too late. The lives of many of our loved ones, and so many other vulnerable populations in our community are at risk of discrimination and untimely death.


Contact your MP today and let them know that you oppose the amendments to MAiD. Encourage them to speak to their colleagues that have supported this flawed Bill. Demand that they seek instead to increase access to palliative care and timely affordable housing, resources and health care for the disabled, and those living with mental health challenges or complex needs.

When members of our society are feeling so lost and desperate that they see ending their lives as their best or only choice, we have failed as a society. We must do better. We must all commit to caring not killing.

Within our own community, please consider becoming a supporting member of The Right to Life Association of Thunder Bay and Area. Help us continue to strengthen our local pro-life presence. Your encouragement and support, and small annual membership fee, allows us to continue with our efforts to maintain a pro-life voice in and around Thunder Bay.


The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) and Canadian Physicians for Life are two superb organizations working with many groups and individuals to create strong opposition to the expansion of euthanasia in Canada.  Please visit their website for additional information, resources, petitions, articles and news/press releases.



Legal and medical experts joined The deVeber Institute to warn of the potential changes from their frontline, first-hand experiences. These presentations are available for all to watch here:

WATCH NOW: Emergency Lecture Series Night One

WATCH NOW: Emergency Lecture Series Night Two

The following article by Thunder Bay’s Dr. Kotalik appeared in the Ottawa Citizen and speaks clearly to the concerns about Bill C-7: https://ottawacitizen.com/opinion/kotalik-why-the-plan-to-update-canadas-assisted-dying-law-needs-a-rethink

The following is an analysis of Canada’s annual 2019 euthanasia report by lawyer and disability leader Amy Hasbrouck. Amy is founder of the national grassroots disability rights group Not Dead Yet, which strongly opposes euthanasia and assisted suicide and recognizes it as the most deadly form of discrimination. https://tvndy.ca/…/09/analysis-of-2019-maid-annual-report/

Dr. Leonie Herx is the immediate past President of the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians and chair of the division of palliative medicine at Queen’s University. She is also founder of the MAiD to Mad initiative which addresses numerous concerns about the destructive path and culture of death our euthanasia laws have created. To date well over 1,000 medical doctors have declared their dismay over the decriminalizing of euthanasia and assisted suicide and its position contrary to the fundamental goals of medicine and health care. Read more about their initiative here: https://maid2mad.ca/

Dr. Annette Hanson is a forensic psychiatrist and assistant professor of psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine. She continues to express concerns about the push to permit euthanasia for psychiatric reasons. The following is one of her publications worth reading debunking many of the myths about assisted suicide and medical aid in dying. https://www.hcplive.com/…/twelve-myths-concerning…

Journal of Ethics in Mental Health, a peer-reviewed web-based journal developed in association with The Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences and McMaster University, provides a useful forum for sharing ideas and experiences among all who are committed to improving ethical standards, behaviours and choices in mental health care giving. Given the importance of the MAID topic, including the expansions proposed by Bill C-7, the page editors have grouped together content on their website related to MAID for ease of access and review. https://jemh.ca/issues/v9/theme2.html

The following article about Canada’s Bill C-7 and the push to expand MAiD (euthanasia and assisted suicide) was written and published by psychiatrist Dr. John Maher (President Ontario Association of ACT and FACT and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Ethics in Mental Health) and addresses numerous misconceptions about MAiD. https://mcusercontent.com/1ddc150c485dadfa934fee0cd/files/a8fde85b-aa9c-430a-ba08-fa122e51d867/MAID_for_Mental_Illness_Myths_Facts.pdf


If you are interested in obtaining additional resources on the subject of euthanasia and assisted suicide (and other pro-life issues) please email us at info@thunderbay.life. We have books and videos available for personal use or groups and can keep you informed of any upcoming local events or training sessions as well. We encourage you to lso follow our public Facebook page for updates and information.