Fetal development is amazing!  While there was a time when we didn’t have the technology to truly see or comprehend the amazing growth and development of the tiny human in the womb, now we are able to see and learn so much more.  And it is truly miraculous and undeniably a human life.  Gone are the days where anyone can refer to  pre-born child as  ‘clump of cells’,  or other term used to dismiss the humanity of the pre-born.  In fact even those who try to use the term ‘fetus’ to justify abortion seem to misunderstand the term – which is Latin for offspring and is simply used to describe another stage of our ongoing human growth and development.  It is heartbreaking to hear from women who years after their abortion, often when blessed with another pregnancy, who are now horribly grieved when they realize that the ‘clump of cells’ they were coerced into killing was their living growing child.  Being pro-life means we are all about protecting life at all stages and encouraging women considering abortion to know the facts and to make an informed choice, and to help them make life affirming choices!   One way to do this is to ensure a full understanding of fetal development and what is actually happening inside the womb as the unique new human being is growing and developing.  It is an amazing journey!  Here are some links to find more detailed information about fetal development and links to a few very cool videos!  Human life begins in the womb!  A pre-born baby is worthy of protection regardless of size, location or level of dependency.  It’s a baby not just when it’s considered planned or wanted – all babies (and mothers!) deserve life, love, care, and deserve all our efforts to spare them from the tragedy and violence of abortion.